My first day of work at Taylor & Francis.  Matt is picking me up in 20 minutes and then we are heading to the train station.  It will be an interesting experience riding the train to work every day.  Ready to go!


The Phillies end the first half of the season in first place in NL East at 53-42, a half game ahead of the Braves.  There were some positives and some negatives but being in first place is a miracle unto itself.  We are now in the All-Star break.  The season resumes on Friday.


Yesterday we had a real nice birthday/grad party at my sister's house.  Always great hanging out with my wonderful family!  😎

Feeling good about things right now.  I start my new job on Monday and I am very excited about it.  Hopefully this will be the last time I will have to do job hunting.  The last few years have been difficult with all the downsizing and offshoring, which affects many people globally.  It is tough navigating your career with all that going on.  It's a blessing to have a good job or really just a job at all.  We all try to get a job that is fairly close to home, has good benefits and pays well.  And one that we enjoy doing.  I feel that this new job fits that bill.  I know many friends have struggled in this environment and I continue to pray that all of them find something that they enjoy.  Most already have, others are still looking.  We must keep the faith and work hard.  Life usually has a way of working out.  

Happy Saturday everyone!


Quiet and relaxing Saturday morning, drinking coffee and listening to music.  As good as it gets!


Last night the Phils beat the Marlins 2-0 behind seven shutout innings from Jake Arrieta and coupled with Atlanta's loss, the Phils lead NL East by one and a half games with two games left in Miami before the all-star break.  Their record is now 53-40, which is just one game behind the Brewers for best record in the National League.  Wow.  Better than I could have possibly imagined!  😎💪👍


Yesterday I had a nice walk in the park.  One solid hour, 6500 steps.  It feels good to exercise like that.  Along with my weight loss, eating better and staying in shape, I think I am making good choices to live a longer and healthier life.